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Jocelyn Barth is one of Canada’s most exciting emerging vocalists. Raised in Toronto by musician parents, she grew up singing with her mother, Clela Errington. Jocelyn’s formidable range, technique and innate musicality have put her in high demand. She performs regularly as a featured artist, background vocalist and studio musician. As a jazz singer, Jocelyn is known for her expressiveness, sensitivity and soaring freedom. She delivers a lyric with intention, depth and authenticity while maintaining the playful phrasing that stems from her instinctively instrumentalist-like approach to singing.


Jocelyn is featured on critically acclaimed jazz albums The Bitter Suite by The Marie Goudy 12tet, Art of Breath: Volume Two by John MacMurchy, and Volume Two and Volume Three by Collective Order. Her singing on The Bitter Suite received praise from All About Jazz, The WholeNote, The Jazz Music Blog, Toronto Music Report and Textura, and her rendition of Bobby Troup’s ballad “February Brings The Rain” on Art of Breath: Volume Two was called “exquisite” by Cathy Riches at The WholeNote.


Jocelyn’s most recent collaborations include studio work with pianist Adrean Farrugia and composers Scott Peterson and Jonathan Kawchuk, as well as live performances with The Marie Goudy Quintet.


In her debut release, Tell Him I Said Hello, Jocelyn's unique and ethereal voice is met by David Restivo on piano and Artie Roth on bass. John MacMurchy adds tasteful tones to two songs on clarinet and flute. The album was recorded and edited by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company and mixed and mastered by Mariana Hutten.

"Tell Him I Say Hello is a perfect example of Barth’s iconic ability to move a listener to tears using only her voice. She is a virtuosic storyteller and musician, and this collection of eight songs is a long awaited gift to the vocal jazz world." – Caity Gyorgy
"So hauntingly beautiful! Her range is off the map, and her poetic interpretations are nothing short of exquisite. She is one major talent!" – Jeanne Beker, O.C.
“There aren’t many singers that blow you away halfway through the first verse of a song.  Jocelyn is THAT singer.” – Jaymz Bee, JAZZ.FM91
“[Her] breathy vocalizing is a delight, and if you can imagine the sweetness of Ella Fitzgerald crossed with the huskiness of Peggy Lee you’ll have some idea of its sound.” –Ron Schepper, Textura
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