“What an amazing young lady.”
– Sir James Galway

 “So hauntingly beautiful! Her range is off the map, and her poetic interpretations are nothing short of exquisite.”
– Jeanne Beker, Canadian Journalist & Member of the Order of Canada

“Jocelyn Barth is exquisite and not overly sentimental on the Bobby Troup heartbreaker, February Brings the Rain”
– Cathy Riches, The WholeNote

“…what really links the pieces [of The Bitter Suite] together is the mesmerizing voice and phrasing of the vocalist Jocelyn Barth.”
– Ivana Popovic, The WholeNote

“The added bonus of vocalist Jocelyn Barth is an extra layer that is both sensitive and unique and makes [The Bitter Suite] introspective and timeless.”
– Marty Delia, The Jazz Music Blog

“One must reserve special praise for Jocelyn Barth for her eloquent interpretation of [The Bitter Suite], and her pristine, high-sprung vocal”
– Raul da Gama, Toronto Music Report

“[Jocelyn Barth’s] breathy vocalizing is a delight, and if you can imagine the sweetness of Ella Fitzgerald crossed with the huskiness of Peggy Lee you’ll have some idea of its sound.”
– Ron Schepper, textura

 “There aren’t many singers that blow you away halfway through the first verse of a song. Jocelyn is THAT singer.”
– Jaymz Bee, JAZZ.FM91

 “Jocelyn is one of the most sincere and wonderful singers I’ve ever heard.”
– Mindaugas Peleckis, Radikaliai

“Jocelyn is a terrific musician and a beautiful singer. She brings joy to everything she does.”
– Don Thompson, Multiple Award-Winning Jazz Musician & Officer of the Order of Canada